more? there hasn’t been any…what the heck are you talking about?

yes, there hasn’t been any in a while BUT i have a good reason. i recently finished a journey i embarked on 2 years ago….i finally got my bachelor’s degree. i completed a 4 year degree in a mere 27 years (go ahead and do the math, you bastards). NOW i am taking a much needed break and have about 2 months off before i start on my master’s. SO, that’s where i’ve been.

so wait…there’s more…2 years and a degree later and i still find myself having a bit of trouble deciding what i want to be when i grow up (will i ever?) and i’m thinking i ought to start at least narrowing it down a bit.
ok, i’m not wandering around with nothing to do. i do have my own business (that may have changed since we last spoke) and it’s paying the bills (shameless plug i love doing what i do but i want more AND that’s where the “more” comes in.

so i’m back to that same question. i know what i’m good at and what  i like. the question is “can i put the two together” AND even more importantly, “can i make money doing it?” if i could make money being a sarcastic jack ass, i’d have it made!