“Hi! I’m Lisa Demmi and I want to change the world. AND I’d like to bring you, a community of people on the same journey, along with me!

Are you satisfied with the world as it is today? Is status quo good enough for you?
If you answered no to both these questions, then you’re in the right place.
How’d you like to affect change for the better in you personally? Your community? Your business or organization? Your world?
Sound good? Read on.
Often times, we have aspirations of doing big things, making big differences and improving everyone and everything around us. Sounds like a big task, huh? We get started, we have a lot of energy and we get disappointed and feel powerless because we don’t see results. Eventually, we just quit and give up altogether.
Well, you’re wrong. You CAN do it…one step, one promise, one commitment, one act of SMALL MAGIC at a time.”

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Life is full of those small magical moments which were hardly noticeable
while they were happening, and then you wonder how did it happen!

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What they say about us

“Lisa is a MASTER at understanding needs and then executing”

Heather Stahl

Miller Heiman Group

“Lisa is the Queen of SMALL MAGIC! She is true to herself and those around her.”

Karen Gillman

CEO On Point Executive Center

“Lisa’s down to earth and authentic presentation really RESONATES and CONNECTS with the audience”

Jessica Rivelli

CEO/Founder Working Women of Tampa Bay

“Through Small Magic, Lisa encourage me to be proactive in achieving my PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL GOALS.

Michelle A. Turman

Principle Consultant Catalyst Consulting Services

“Lisa has provided us and our clients VALUABLE SERVICES that have assisted them in achieving their objectives.”

Joe Malinowski

Executive at Tampa Bay Is Awesome

“Lisa takes time to get to know you and your business, so that she can provide you with the BEST service and OUTSTANDING RESULTS.”

Omar Fuentes

CEO/President Semper Fi Project

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